English Breakfast | Full Breakfast


English Breakfast | Full Breakfast

A full breakfast is a Breakfast meal that typically includes, bacon, sausages, egg, baked beans, mushrooms, other cooked foods and a beverage such as coffee or tea. It comes in different variants and is referred to by different names depending on the area.

Ingredients :

– 2 Sausages
– 1 Tomato
– Bacon
– Mushroom
– 2 Ham slices
– Egg
– Baked Beans
– Bread

Preparation method :

– Heat the pan over low heat
– Brush pan sparingly with cooking oil
– Cook the sausages first as it takes little longer time to cook, allow to cook slowly about 10 minutes turning occasionally
– Cut tomato into half and season it with salt and pepper, place cut-side down on the pan and cook without moving for 2 minutes
– Place the bacon straight on to the pan and fry for 2-4 minutes each side or until your preferred crispiness is reached
– Cut mushroom into half, add to the same pan and season with salt and pepper if required, add butter cook for 1- 2 minutes
– Place ham to the same pan and fry each side about 1- 2 minute
– For the fried egg, break the egg straight into the pan season with salt and pepper, leave it for 30 second or cook to your preferred stage
– Add canned baked beans to the pan, stir continuously about 1 minute and transfer into a serving bowl
– Toast the Bread in medium heat before serving
– Once all the ingredients are cooked, serve and enjoy straight away with hot tea or coffee
– Enjoy your English Breakfast !

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  1. البساطة بطبخى الصحية

    Very nice your food

  2. نجوى فادي Najwa Fady

    English breakfast with salsa ?? music ? I think it’s will be nice to cook a paella. Anyway it’s a nice video ??????

  3. Archie Bald

    Nothing English about this whatever.

  4. Swati's Recipe

    Nice recipe

  5. Regn

    send it back to the kitchen. there's no feckin chop or black pudding and those sausages look like cheap mass produced sausages from Costco. Mostly made from grain based filla

  6. Kathy Somers

    If anyone put that much pepper on my eggs, I’d make him/her eat it…

  7. Ubiquitous

    thats an asian idea of english breakfast and is wrong. we dont use hotdogs or ham. we fry the bread in lots of oil so that is crispy and crunchy and it is all served at the same time so that its all very hot. if it has cooled down then its a failure. no black pepper on eggs either, just salt on the yolk. black pudding is also in an english breakfast.

  8. tribefenatic

    if video poster was invented your video of you making this will be plastered all over my wall with a slide show of other favourite video dishes i like

  9. Beanbag

    This isn't an English breakfast so can you change to title please as I find it very offensive! ?

  10. white onggoy

    Where is the black pudding and fried bread….use lard not mandy pansy oil…HP sauce….

  11. Jay Sharma

    Next time prepare Indian dinner with Japanese music.

  12. TheBoultVault

    no way is this the way an english breakfast is made o.O

  13. keejet Jet

    Meat looks undercooked, not appetising.

  14. atsekoutsoube

    Where is the black pudding?

  15. Kiran Patel

    Black pudding also

  16. Bhatti cooking & vlog

    Very nice

  17. John Chard

    "toast" ffs

  18. Me

    I close my eyes watching this.. and i start to see some guy with sombrero eating tacos in the middle of guadalajara desert..

  19. agnostic47

    This guy hasn't got a clue.
    The trick to a good English breakfast is to have everything cooked and ready at the same time. By the time he's cooked the mushrooms then all the other bits the bacon is stone cold. Yuk.
    Bacon AND ham? (and awful (tinned?) ham at that) WTF. No-one serves ham as part of a Full English.
    When did beans start getting served in a little bowl? Heated (they're already cooked) for ONE minute?
    Those are not English sausages. Hot dogs? That is the worst fried bread I've ever seen.

    No black pudding?

  20. skywatcher Santos Dumont

    TEQUILA !!!

  21. W37k3r VIIIXVVV

    That middle of the Tomato looks like a German Iron Cross

  22. Marcio Oliveira

    I can't wait for the sushi recipe with the good Brazilian samba in the background!

  23. John Smith

    Haven’t got a clue

  24. Debasish Roy

    Monalisa English breakfast

  25. Chathura GR

    Not healthy at all.. Image you eat this kind of meal in every morning.

  26. Kaushik DASGUPTA

    How NOT TO MAKE an English Breakfast or Full Monty example!

  27. root

    When the ham is processing in between sausage gets cold. Please suggest how do you manage?

  28. Jay Huss

    And now the rest of food is cold.

  29. CharltonLatchford

    Jesus, what kind of cheap hot dog sausages are you using. An insult to any English person.


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