4 Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes


Grilled cheese is a lunchtime classic, but today we’re showing you 4 delicious twists that will take your sandwiches to the next level!

0:06 – Bolognese Grilled Cheese
0:57 – Sweet Chilli Chicken Grilled Cheese
1:54 – Grilled Bacon and Cheese Roll Ups
2:27 – Broccoli Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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  1. Hanief Hani

    Hey can you please tell me what pan are you using in the video.. it's not sticking at all . I'm shocked

  2. Anjelica Darby

    These recipes are great but hearing the music all i wanna do is watch Oceans 12 LOL

  3. Faranzebo

    this looks like 5 minute crafts but just food related.

  4. Faranzebo

    I cant be the only one who outs shredded cheese and bread into the grilled cheese maker and be done,
    your lucky to have butter on it

  5. Ich liebe kinder

    This looks more like a burger Lmao

  6. Mpho Mpinga

    my mum made all of the grilled cheese sandwich

  7. Princess T

    Great idea

  8. Parama Shivamurthy

    Super test…

  9. Mario Cervantes

    The courageous mist enthrallingly level because glove secondarily mug regarding a conscious error. deep, glossy deodorant

  10. Blew

    Attempted the Bolognese sammich.

    First of all, I always feel some type of way about content creators who are happy to have us view their videos but can't be bothered to put at least the ingredients in the notes box, whatever it's called, to make things easier for us. I had to keep rewinding to write down the ingredients, and I had to take a notebook to the kitchen. ?

    Second, a teaspoon of salt for 200g beef is way too much.

    Also, guys, clean your pan after removing the meat. I made the mistake of not doing so and the first sammich stuck. By the way, I made two sandwiches using this recipe, and still had a little beef left over.

    I'm going to try this recipe again with the following changes:

    – Use 250g of beef
    – Halve the amount of salt, so 1/2 TSP
    – Use 3oz of cheese
    – Use 1 T and 1 t of mayonnaise.

    The changes above should be enough for three sandwiches. I'll hopefully come back with feedback on my new and improved recipe.

  11. Lori Williams

    None of these ate grilled cheese ?

  12. Roody Alhaj.

    حق قسوومي.
    ده حقووو.

  13. Kim Jackson

    no way! looks nasty! That Istnt A, Original Grilled Cheese Sandwich, da. 11-2020

  14. Foostini

    Looks amazing but not a goddamn one is grilled cheese.

  15. Kkhalif

    So this is where cal got his toastie recipe from


    i wouldn't have the discipline to complete these recipes all the way. once somethings breaded its going on rice or pasta and that's that

  17. Monique Jeffery

    If you have never tried the mayo your missing out!! It will make your mouth have a orgasm! Butter and I are lovers!

  18. Fred Owner

    Watch Paul and Benny make the Disney grilled cheese. Soo good.

  19. Jorge Toledo


    …i hate my life

  20. jambalaya jones

    I dunno dude I think once you get to actually cooking it's not a grilled cheese anymore

  21. saiqa bibi

    Is it healthy

  22. Channing Parker

    This whole mayonnaise on the outside of the bread is driving me wild lol

  23. Alicia Romero Martinez

    Cuanta grasa junta

  24. Dr Logic

    Yeah so the broccoli 1 isn't gonna be bothered with .

  25. Rida Rida

    ضعوا المقادير بلغة العربية من فضلكم

  26. Mohammed Mujahed

    Hi Twisted I have used your video to explain my brand's concept in India – Hope you would not mind.

  27. bnwish



    Periodt my mornings are now better

  29. Ricky Cunningham

    Title says 4 grilled cheese recipes but only one was close to a grilled cheese. The rest where just toasted sandwiches. When you add chicken it is a chicken sandwich. Sloppy joe makes it a sloppy joe and so on. A grilled cheese is bread and cheese sandwiched together and toasted in a pan till the bread is crunch on the outside and the cheese melted. You can use different breads, cheese, or even fats to toast the bread but it only needs those basic elements. Disappointing

  30. vicky Greenhalgh

    Can theses be done in a sandwich toaster machine

  31. Christine C.

    Those long nails are gross.


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