What a Six Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like


“What a Six-Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like.” All three Indigenous chefs featured in alter-NATIVE: Kitchen come together to prepare a multi-course meal of Native cuisine for a select group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Los Angeles. From Brian’s agave-roasted rabbit tacos to Kalā’s (cooking solo for a change) imu-cooked kalua pork to Hillel’s painted like a Pawnee horse black bean salad (made from newly restored heirloom beans grown with love and resistance). And just wait til you get to these talented chefs’ “dessert trio.”

What a Six Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like | alter-NATIVE: Kitchen Ep. 6

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  1. Kadziet Yagami

    For me a six course Native American meal is fried klik and fried bologna with eggs, macaroni and cheese with either sliced wieners or cooked ground beef, three sisters soup, fry bread and bannock, bear/deer/elk/moose steaks/jerky/"pepperoni" sticks, and bison burgers xD

  2. bee b

    themore the food and culture spreads the more the understanding will grow.

  3. Journey 2Asia

    ??My heart!✊?✊?✊?

  4. msluna paz

    Love it !!! What a lovely way to share our culture and deep connections ♥️

  5. T Doyle

    no one explained what was for desert!

  6. MrAlexdoesmovies

    It's funny how there are so many edible plants around and yet most Americans don't even know about them.

  7. Panda Squad

    Need more native chefs, creators, innovators, and restaurants. I said what I said.

  8. KNJ Moorhouse

    Awesome food. Wholesome meals. Where can I go to try these dishes? Do you give classes to younger Native American generations to recapture the old traditions from pre-colonial times?

  9. Lisa McNeill

    I am so glad these foods are getting the praise and respect they deserve. True Native cuisine is so delish and good for the soul. These young chefs are keeping the tradition alive and have much to be proud of…

  10. Albaida

    el recipiente blanco es un tajin marroquí, los plátanos los llevamos los españoles a américa y esa técnica la inventa el cocinero más influyente de los últimos años , el español Ferrán Adriá, si nos influenciamos todos es mejor para todos. La comparación con Hawai la desconozco. Solo veo que los EEUU actuales son como Canada y Australia un sitio en donde se les ha robado la tierra a los indíos o Maoríes y luego se les ha exterminado y se ha llamado a más europeos con el sueño americano . Hay dos formas de expandirse:
    Vale, reconozco que entramos de la misma forma en la que entraron los pueblso que nos conquistaron a nosotros, pero superado ese momento digo como los navajos o Dine "fue una ocupación asumible, por los beneficios para ambas partes"

  11. scarlett gordon

    We definitely need more indigenous cooks and restaurants!!

  12. james burke

    To cool,finaly some real food from the land. So happy to see it come back and being shared. Such a wonderful culture.. Thank you, thank you.

  13. Hollyfreehole !

    Congratulations ??? hope to see more videos of your talents together ?

  14. char baker

    Spectacular every dish looked amazing
    I hope you all can travel North America n teach others and start a franchise in Canada along with USA and Mexico
    We need this

  15. msjoanofthearc


  16. Callie Perry

    I wanted this to be a whole episode! What a lovely group of chefs. So nice to see the unique styles.

  17. Lfk K

    That bean salad looks good.

  18. Eric Bullock

    corn, corn, corn ,squash, corn , maiz

  19. Edgar _

    Aye I got a assignment on this who got the 6 courses , could I get them please

  20. Karen Acton

    WOW! This looks and sounds so delicious! I would love to visit a Native American or First Nations restaurant!!!!

  21. Skeptical Mom

    I’m not anti colonialism. I believe in native foods. But I believe that we need to move on from hate and forward into integration.

  22. mark t

    I would love to try the food. It looks amazing

  23. Simone,

    great atuff

  24. Retta Pine

    Where's the wild onion ? Wild onion with gravy an goat milk. Yum


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