"Pre-Contact Native American Food with Mariah Gladstone" (2016)


Pre-Contact Native American Food can change the game for Native People. It is healthier, more sustainable, and can get people back in touch with their indigenous roots compared to modern introduced foods. Join Mariah Gladstone as she prepares a pre-contact meal consisting of bison and wild rice cakes drizzled with a blackberry and sarvis berry sweet corn relish and green beans on the side.

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  1. Tanner Johnson

    It took youtube 4 years to recommend this to me. Great Content

  2. Wild man1314

    I've made bison burger steak,corn cakes,wild rice and griddled bell peppers. My parents (especially my dad) loved it
    I personally am considering making more dinners with precontact foods

  3. Wild man1314

    Indigenous cooking simplified
    I personally want to try this

  4. g sun

    oh my goddess that is magical


    green beans/zucchini/tomato/peppers/potato/corn/blueberries/cranberries/bananas/avocados/beans/peanuts/nuts/seeds/wildrice/quinoa/chocolate/vanilla

  6. Albaida

    ou are right about one thing:

    -the English who EXTERMINATED THE INDIAN PEOPLES OF THE USA DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT, they have a North European gastronomic culture, that is to say, it is very bad


    I only agree with this theory in part, my experience as a Spaniard is very different:

    -Indians and Spaniards provoked the GREATEST GASTRONOMIC REVOLUTION OF HUMANITY, let's see why.

    1-when Spain arrives in America, it has been for centuries the only Muslim country in Europe, the Arabs introduce in Spain products, animals and cooking techniques from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, which the REST OF THE COUNTRIES OF EUROPE DID NOT KNOW.

    At that time in the world:

    -The proteins, vegetables, fibers, animals and cooking techniques,

    – they were almost half of those currently known,

    – in the rest of Europe it was much lower; the English were unaware of the products of the Muslims, to give you an example.


    It occurs when the Spanish arrive in Mexico and Peru, especially these two countries.

    -They take to Spain: potatoes, chili peppers, tomatoes, chocolate, vanilla, pumpkins, green beans, turkeys,

    -But they bring to America: bananas, rice, onions, garlic, oranges, lemons, watermelons, melons, sugar, wheat, pigs, rabbits, lambs, etc.


    This is going to save many people's lives.

    Why was it possible:

    -For the history of Spain: before arriving in America, the WHOLE WORLD had colonized us: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

    -we are used to accepting what other cultures offer us,

    -and we mix THE BEST OF EACH ONE or if it is very GOOD, WE TAKE IT IN ITS ORIGINAL RECIPE.


    -That miscegenation is cultural: gastronomy, music, clothes, folklore, costumes, literature, etc.

    -I know that this does not happen in the US, or in other cultures, but the Hispanic culture mixes everything. The English have never mixed, they began to do so in the 20th century.

    In Hispanic countries, MESTIZA food is eaten:

    And everyone eats it, whatever their continent of origin:

    – you will see people of Spanish origin eating nopales,

    – and to Indian people I start pork and cilantro tacos. or ceviches with lemon and onion.

    There are Indian, Spanish dishes, a mixture of the two, etc, African, etc,

    Currently we know more about food and we can improve it:

    -Recovering dishes made with local products

    -the products that adapt to the climate and come from outside and look

    -Increase the longevity of people by equating it to that of Japan and Spain.

    basic rules:


    I think they were 50% vegetables, and 25% carbohydrates, 25% proteins, if possible vegetables, at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.

    -one five not very large meals a day

    -Eat most foods in cooking that do not alter their composition:

    -raw, at least something in every meal, salads, or gazpachos seasoned with oil

    -steamed, boiled, baked

    -fried in vegetable fat only the essentials

    The more variety of products you eat, the greater the possibility of ingesting the 7 or 8 amino acids essential for life.

    For now, the food variety is the only guarantee of LONGEVITY until foods that have them all are obtained.

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  7. Ebony Lily of Zion

    This is amazing!!! ??? I wonder if she is related to my doula Memorie Gladstone lol.

  8. Ann Preblick Whalen

    Loved, liked, shared. This kind of cooking needs to take over by storm.


    I think its more a evolutionary process, the locals adapted to the food around them. (in a global sense)

  10. Chode Henson

    Marry me.

  11. Ariane Rainsinger

    I realy love the thought behind this video, I have no idea at all about my heritage, I do not even know my fathers name and I actualy do not see it as that importend, we are all human with light and dark inside, between we coose again and again and again until we leave this world. But I always harboured quite an interest for native cultures, especialy food and yeah, ancestory realy is an factor in what nurtiures us when we eat it and what might get us sick.
    Staying clear of highly processed food should be on everyones plate, of cause some react more strongly to it than others, but it is not good for anyone. But how we digest milk, different typs of plants like nightshades, grains, if we can handle ketosis, get healthbenefits from soy or beeing clear of thyroid diseses dispite eating way to much iodin . . . . their genetics totaly play a role!
    Some throwe on corn, others should not overeat on it, some can live mostly of sourdoughbread and hard cheese, for others this would put them into an early grave . . .
    But the best part is, getting food fom close to you, rediscover foods in there endless possibilities that got exchanged with something less expensive "exotic" that has to travel the world and often has less nutritional value.
    I know many herbs and plants where I live, and how to cook with them. It is cheep, it presents me so much fun and it is good for me and the envrioment all the same. When you do not have a medical condition that prevents you from exssesing regional resources, there is no reason you should mainly live of food growen on the edge of the world from where you are. It is not restricting or bland, you just need to get to know those things close to you ^^

  12. Jacobe Ksor

    I am Montagnard jarai indigenous live in North Carolina when I went to Palm spring I ate native Indian food fried bread and bean it’s like taco.

  13. Brandon Clark

    How much do you hate white people? Just say it!

  14. saffron herbs

    thank you. beautiful video

  15. Missy Moonwillow

    This seems like it should be common sense in our "modern" world. Much love from NE washington, Rainbow Tribe Rising. Reclaim it sister!

  16. Mo Rob

    Excellent video. Love the efforts to bring more indigenous foods to the forefront in creative combinations. Well done. Hope you include some pawpaw and acorn dishes. Would love to see what you can come up with.

  17. Michael Rodriguez

    Native Americans rarely ate meat

  18. Brandon Steele

    Thank you so much for sharing, this video is very helpful to get back to indigenous food sources

  19. Nadine Oglesby

    Navajo: Please make a cook book!!!!


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