Japanese Breakfast Healthiest in the World?


Typical Japanese Breakfast compared to USA, China, Germany & India
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Traditional Japanese breakfast consists of a rice, miso soup base with natto fermented soy bean, grilled fish and some pickled greens. Also, sometimes eggs called tamagoyaki. The Japan breakfast is considered by Japanese to be light and easy on the stomach so it doesn’t way you down during the day. Also, the breakfast in japan tends to use little oil.

Given the typical Japanese breakfast, I thought it would be fun to compare to an American breakfast, Chinese breakfast, Germany breakfast and Indian breakfast to see which was the healthy. Measuring the calories showed that Indian breakfast to be the lowest in calories and the American breakfast to be the highest in calories. As mentioned in the video,these examples are what many people think of as typical for that country, but obviously there are exceptions and with so many diets these days and ever changing eating habits, it doesn’t apply to everyone. But for all intents and purposes and in order to make this video, I had to narrow down the typical breakfast for each country. Also, I had to take some liberties with a few of the ingredients at the local super markets, but I think it should serve its purpose. I might get some of this wrong, so definitely let me know in the comments section if I missed something.

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO

    Hope you enjoyed this fun video. If I missed something or didn't include your country, let me know below. Also, if I got a dish wrong, I apologize as I didn't mean to offend anyone. This video was suppose to be fun and light-hearted like most my videos. I noticed a number of comments saying I got the Indian breakfast wrong. Sorry for that, based on my research, curry and chapati seemed to be regularly eaten for breakfast in India. (See resource links below).
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    Indian Breakfast Resources:


  2. Petula Harvey

    I absolutely loves japan food way so healthy,I need the misco soup recipe please

  3. Tsuyuri Kanao

    I'm from india,Manipur
    And for breakfast we usually eat Maggie with fried egg or a chocolate drink with cookies

  4. Shreeya Tiwari

    We don't eat curry in breakfast seriously!! We eat this sometimes in dinner or in lunch.. it all depends on our religion and every religion has their different kinds of food as per their climate..

  5. cynthia casey

    I have always wanted to try a traditional Japanese breakfast I have eight American breakfasts all my life and I'm always just gain fat too much sodium high blood pressure medication too much sugary stuff diabetes so I've always been told that the Japanese breakfast was much healthier so yes I would like to give it a try and switch over from American to Japanese but I'll be on being stuff didn't look so good I didn't like the way it looks I'm always willing to try something else problem is I live here in Detroit and found that there really is no Japanese breakfast places there are Japanese dinners and lunches but when it comes to breakfast they don't seem to serve thatwe do have a few Japanese stores or Asian stores should I say they can mix all together so yes I guess I will give it a try and see if it's something I can handle itI am concerned about the MSG and the howhealthy it is when it comes to putting Food Plus will I be full after this so used to American breakfast is holding me down could this be enough for me to eat is it wrong to eat a double portion of it if you're still hungry

  6. ParkerTV

    Actually Indians have breakfast meals in thousands. Most of them have green vegetables. They do have variety of salads on side in their lunch and dinner.

  7. Preethi George

    Indian breakfast is very balanced and healthy. It has à good amount of carbs, protein and fat. Not only that, it has a lot of different combinations and varieties.

  8. Sooraj Unnithan

    Come to India bro, you will lost in breakfast menus??

  9. 6Tbrowny

    Also we eat breakfast or lunch and dinner but with salad that's also a part of Indian eating style

  10. Alex Reid

    To turn the American breakfast into a Scottish breakfast, just add black/white puddings ? Alternatively, enjoy a nice healthy bowl of porridge with heather honey and soft fruits, and maybe some boiled eggs and buttered toast

  11. Sandra Järnkärna

    Hi guys!
    I find it very strange to see these kind of meals in the morning. A japanese breakfast is so salty and we are mixing with salty and sweet meals. We eat lots of veggies on our sandwiches, pickled or fresh.
    A typical Swedish breakfast may contain one or more of these items:
    1. Oatmeal with different types of toppings – Berries, apple sauce, jam, cinnamon.
    2. Cornflakes with kefir/yoghurt/milk with or without topping – jam, raisins, bananas, berries.
    3. Sandwiches with cheese or ham – sourdough bread or white bread or hard bread + veggies (cucumber, bellpepper, pickled veggies, tomatoes).
    4. Eggs – boiled
    5. Coffee or tea
    6. Bacon or and sausages (usually during the weekends)

    Greetings from northern Sweden!

  12. 221910308019 Ipshita Ray

    actually the breakfast shown is typically by north indians in india , which he already mentioned like if you go to southern part you will find more rice , green vegetables are mostly seen in lunches . i may be wrong because i am an east indian living in southern part. most of the people like me are confused within themselves, chill

  13. Pizza Warlord

    That is a special American breakfast not a daily one – but it is delicious.
    Normally I have only a coffee

  14. bella exipnce

    I live in ?? Mexico fezlez la batos Mexican amican Irish

  15. Prismak

    Traditional Irish breakfast is the best. It's like American but with beans and mushrooms. Even if I suppose people in Ireland usually eat porridge for breakfast.

  16. Jack Killing

    My Mexican ass out here with sugar bread and coffee (chorizo and eggs sometimes)

  17. satvik wadhawan

    that indian food mostly for lunch in north also

  18. Erika sin

    We have a whole lot variety of eating breakfast that u can't choose one as typical

  19. Erika sin

    That Indian breakfast is usually we eat in afternoon

  20. s.k. chandel

    You should do some extra research for your next videos if you add India…India is not all about curry…


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