How I Stopped Hating Breakfast


Watch Part 1 “Why Americans East Dessert for Breakfast”
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1. Japanese (Tamago Kake Gohan) with Miso soup and roasted salmon
2. Hummus. Great tutorial here
3. Migas Breakfast tacos inspired by Veracruz All Natural in Austin

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC where he makes web videos for, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic vi

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  1. Johnny Harris

    Go watch part 1 if you haven't seen it. Thanks to all those who have shared their favorite non-american breakfasts. I want to keep inviting new breakfast traditions into my mornings. Maybe an update video is in store if I get some good suggestions.

  2. Green Hat

    Asian soup noodles are also a great choice for breakfast, not too filling (could be filling if you want it to), warm and hearty.

  3. Balachander Chokkalingam

    Every channel eventually turns into a food channel.

  4. Aly Shmahell

    Have you tried non-chickpeas hummus? Basically, the different varieties of hummus you saw at that store involved mixing other varieties of beans, like the fava bean hummus (1/4 chickpeas, 3/4 fava).

  5. Rituraj Chanda

    Well…. you were also in India too hope you discovered some Indian breakfast as well

  6. SoullessMadness

    the takeaway is this… eat regular food in the morning, or NOT.

  7. Arul

    Americans have so much health issues primarily due to their food habits.

  8. ayylmao.mp3

    Try Finnish breakfast: oatmeal/porridge with a touch of butter and a handful of bilberries or lingonberries (american blueberry will do I guess). A piece of rye bread and a cup of coffee.

  9. Arthur Coutinho

    You should try Brazilian breakfast, it's basically some feijoadas in the carnaval listening to samba

  10. J Uusimaki

    Karelian pastries from Finland – an open, thin rye crust pastry filled boiled rice porridge, toasted or baked in the oven, topped with a kind of an "egg salad" boiled eggs smashed with butter and salt. Just veeeery very wholesome and very very very delicious.

  11. Phillip Botter

    I dont want to wake up and consume desert for breakfast…well then eat eggs and bacon and sausage like the rest of America…

    Mcdonalds probably owns the breakfast slot for the fast food chains in North America and it probably sells more egg Mcmuffins alone a day, than people it cereal. I dunno btw ik from Canada we have just as much sugary shit for breakfast up here as they do in the US, its just another option.

  12. Dipyaman Sen

    Try South Indian breakfast. Idly or Dosa. Healthiest option among Indian breakfasts.

  13. Ram Muttamsetty

    The more I watch Johnny Harris , the more I see him converting to asian traditions and ideas

  14. Muammar  Chowdhury

    Try Bangladeshi breakfast "panta vat" translated as watered rice

  15. Joyan Chang

    Awesome video! Just fyi- HMart is a Korean market. You can try Taiwanese breakfast- soy milk, sticky rice burrito-is, egg on tortilla.

  16. KayLoug

    why you murder my boi natto like that ????

  17. 2080

    In jordan we eat labaneh (with is like a thicc salty and sour yogurt) with some bread, veggies, and olive oil.
    Or za'atar with bread and olive oil.

  18. Selina Kyle

    a bag of utz just casually in the background. youre not fooling anyway dude

  19. Zahra Taghizade

    Middle east here: A kind of very thin bread that looks like tortilla but isn't. cheese, butter, jam, tea.

  20. z Zech

    As a half Japanese and Costa Rican person I also recommend Costa Rican breakfast, is equally delicious and filling in my own humble opinion!

  21. santhosh v

    You missed the dosa's….

  22. Sof.

    That’s why Asians say, “you haven’t eaten until you’ve had rice”.

  23. kazuya kenzaki

    Heres a quick and easy meal
    *Fried rice
    *Sunny side eggs
    *Tinapa(smoked fish)
    *salted egg mixed with cut tomatoes

    Its a usual meal here in the Philippines its a quaint meal

  24. Luis Felipe Padilla

    Puerto Rico: strong well made coffee from arabica plants, and "Pan sobao" a fatty bread that is incredibly smooth. Took the bread, and spread butter on it, dunk the bread into the cup of coffee and eat it…

  25. Fari Da

    Two things I never do when I wake up : talking and eating.

  26. UP Rebel

    Left over pizza in an American breakfast staple.

  27. Hana Haruno

    Your comment about how there is one huge asymmetrical power illegally occupying the other in July of 2020, the first half of a world wide pandemic, strikes me now in May of 2021, the end half of a world wide pandemic and about the start of Palestine/Israel conflict really in the forefront of the world stage. And to see what their culture has brought to your table breaks my heart even more that there is this huge conflict that is really… difficult. I just watched the Hawaii video, and I feel that is were Palestine is heading… but do they even have not just the resources but the safety to preserve as much of their culture as possible? It's not like they have the time to film what they WOULD be eating for breakfast… A lot to think about.

  28. faizan khan

    Try dahi jalebi

  29. Prakash Vaibhav

    I'd like to see him try Indian breakfast. Wonder what he'll pick for his breakfast though, given how Indians eat a thousand types of breakfasts

  30. Mitchell Thy Artist

    I’ve made my own flour tortillas one night and they were so good ???

  31. Bo Mamba

    U will loooooove Turkey

  32. Mark Graham

    Vegemite on toast Johnny! Must have butter though

  33. Little Firecracker

    what ginger? raw ginger?

  34. Jovan Bester

    South african breakfast: Krimmel pap, shisheba and a fried egg.

  35. goldiefox

    Lol I don’t even eat breakfast xD cause of my high school years of waking up early drink water and rushing to school x-x

  36. An Mai

    vietnamese: banh mi (baguette stuffed with pate, mayonnaise with sliced pickled carrots, roast beef/ pork/ chicken, cilantro, chilies if you like spicy)

  37. Tristan Gomez


  38. A K

    I highly recommend adding some roasted eggplants for your hummus!
    (also, for anyone that's wondering, humus stays good in the fridge for about 3-4 days, and okay for about 7)

  39. Hector Reyes

    Puerto Rican "Poor Man's Breakfast": fried fgg, spanish white rice, and Maduros/Amigitios (Ripe fried plantains). I grew up with it, my mom said it was called "Poor Man's Breakfast" because rice, eggs, and plantains used to be things everyone in Puerto Rico had in their kitchen because everyone typically owned a chicken for eggs and a plantain tree was growing in their yard. Absolutely delicious.

  40. Midgard Eagle

    "well, Texas was Mexican, but the US stole it"
    In 1845. Weird thing to casually bring up mid-conversation in 2020.

    "So I'm travelling to Jämtland in Sweden… well, it used to be Norwegian, but the Swedes stole it in 1645."

  41. Ilievska Marija

    Balkan breakfast : Ayvar on bread and cheese on top

  42. Bruce Lee

    Did Johnny eat the raw egg in Japan?

  43. Hemant Jasoriya

    Indori Poha


    When you bring up Israel and Palestine why don't you describe their kinds of breakfasts of each ,the difference if any between the two ,maybe that's why they don't get along,what you eat sets your mood on what you think and say and do


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