Creating the PERFECT Breakfast Sausage Recipe!


Our Quest for the perfect Breakfast Sausage Recipe started a few weeks ago, when I ran out of store-bought patties. I ground up a 7# pork butt, and whipped up a quick 1 lb. batch of what I “thought” would be good – and it wasn’t. Thus started my quest to find a perfect recipe.

Food recipes aren’t always a science, there is often art involved. Free-range thinking and innovation go a long way in the culinary world – but to be successful on this quest, I needed a good starting point. So I began to analyze different recipes, in an attempt to identify the most common ingredients used, along with averaging out their quantities. From there, I could branch out, and start to introduce “less common” ingredients – and eventually find that perfect recipe!

Below are the results of that analysis. All quantities are teaspoons, this is based off using 1 pound of ground pork:

Base Recipe:
1# Ground Pork
1.5 tsp crushed sage
1 tsp crushed thyme
1 tsp salt
2 tsp brown sugar
.75 tsp ground black pepper
.25 tsp red pepper flakes
.25 tsp nutmeg
.25 tsp cayenne pepper

Enhanced ingredients used in the video. These are in addition, to the base ingredients listed above:

.25 tsp coriander

3 tsp maple syrup

.5 tsp paprika

.5 tsp rosemary

Have a secret ingredient that your family uses in their breakfast sausage? Share with us in the comments down below, and we’ll give it a shot the next time we’re making up a batch!

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  1. Shawn Brown

    I want to tell you that i tried your base recipe and it has exceeded my expectations . I tweak it to make other flavors and im really happy with the results

  2. Miss Misto

    This is awesome and I loved the thoroughness in which you tried each type! Lots of work.

    So I made the base recipe , doubled the paprika, used fennel instead of rosemary, and used a monkfruit sweetener instead of sugar.
    Incredible flavour and perfect for keto!
    The flavour was 100% on but the texture was firmer than sausage (far superior) what I don’t like about regular sausage are the what I call “toenails “ basically bits of bone, cartilage, fat .

  3. R Zambory

    great video ! 8:14..

  4. Aloo Gobinder

    I just found your channel. A question, if i use chicken or turkey should i use leg n thigh meat? I dont eat pork so was wondering what would be the best alternative. Thank you

  5. Shari T

    spreadsheet: 1:21 Thanks for doing that! I've been trying to figure out the same thing to make plant based sausage, but you've gone way beyond what my lazy self did. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cheri R


  7. DMJazzy

    What do you guys think the best cut is? I’ve tried shoulder but seemed like it had hard pieces in it. But my flavor was also way off. I’m gonna try his base and add a metric sh*t ton of maple syrup. Thanks for the video

  8. Roger Snell

    Is crushed sage the same as rubbed sage? I don't think I've ever heard of crushed sage.

  9. Gather, Create, Live with Leslie H.

    I'm gonna have to try this, I always put a little garlic and onion powder. I will try as is first and then tweak if needed. Pork butt here is about $1.29 and $3.99 or more for sausage

  10. Tytan Scorpio

    Are you still using the powered milk?


    Great work finally one I like. The thing I did a little different I let the uncooked mixture to sit in fridge overnight. Now your next job if you will go do the same with pepperoni. Thanks the best to you!!!

  12. Malik Oxford

    First off, thanks for the recipe. This might be silly question but is there a beef cut that can be used to make this breakfast sausage that is a good a substitute pork butt?

  13. cj Phillips

    Todd, awesome video, I was wondering if you have a link for your spreadsheet, and if so could you share it. Thank you. =)

  14. william wright

    Just picked up 2lbs of sausage from the butcher shop and watched about 5 videos before finding this one. Going to do the base and maple one and the way you went about this process I'm definitely a subscriber now

  15. Gary Yencich

    Before seeing your video I actually did some very similar research in trying to find commonalities in the many different recipes and although I wasn’t as methodical as you (I didn’t use a spreadsheet) I came up with a very similar base recipe. The only thing I did differently is I made a conscious decision to use maple as the sweetener which I used a the rate of 3 teaspoons (1 Tablespoon) per 1 # of pork. I’m a little surprised that you felt a need for even more maple since you were using it on top of the brown sugar already in your base but since you did I will offer up the hint that salt and sugar oppose each other and if you add significantly more sugar you may also find that adding more salt will provide better balance.

  16. C. Davis

    I think you mixed the various flavors of the meat by cooking multiple in the same pan. You might want to redo cooking only 1 in a pan.

  17. Steven Richards

    Is the recipe for 1lb of meat?

  18. PowerPlay Reviews

    Thank you both for giving us some of your time. I make a maple breakfast sausage every now and then and add a little Franks Red Hot sauce…. "Maple Fire"… Don't add too much!

  19. Dave DeVille

    Thank you

  20. David Settle

    Per teaspoon

  21. David Settle

    So what is the final recipe that you used

  22. lady kenja

    E X C E L L E N T E ! ! ! Thanx 4 sharing this in-depth info. 10 Stars.

  23. Kimberly Mitchell

    I just discovered your page and I am very excited. My go-to breakfast sausage (Goolsby) was discontinued at my local Costco, the only place that carried it. I was looking for a sausage recipe and popped on YouTube and there you were. I am trying this recipe soon. Thanks so much!

  24. gunner 30-30

    Leave out the nutmeg! Horrible aftertaste on your one lb recipe

  25. SANDI J.


  26. Rodney Floyd

    Definitely going to try this. It will be my first attempt to make sausage.

  27. Keith Moore

    I did not know ZZ Top made sausage. ?

  28. Charles Kiplinger

    Have you tried a small amount of bourbon in it? To get a good even distribution you need to mist it on as you mix it.

  29. Bearing my Cross

    Thank for sharing!
    Perhaps the wife might enjoy rosemary finely chopped, crushed or ground if it’s a texture dislike. Its texture is too firm to dissipate in a quick cooked recipes causing it to linger around in your mouth after everything else has been swallowed, which can be really annoying.

  30. Bare Foot Fishing

    Fun with meat lol thx for going nuts with the spread sheet been on a mission last week myself lol

  31. Mr. Bones BBQ

    Done comed here, followin th trail from yer part 2…

    Pleasedtameatchyall, from out here on th Windswept Prairies…

    Very much enjoyed er vidyas, will be back, pokin round these here parts fer more.

    Done liked, an subbed.

    Be safe, an well, yall! 🙂

  32. Belinda Robertson


  33. Paul Mastre

    Try fennel

  34. Mickey Badertscher

    To really make a difference in the tast is to fry in a cast iron skillet. Really

  35. Juan Herrera

    Analytics ,can't go wrong !!!

  36. Darren Gordon-Hill

    Had me at "sausage seasoning spreadsheet".

  37. Darren Gordon-Hill

    Rosemary is DEAD to Mrs Homestead

  38. Melissa Olvera

    Thank you for this! I would make you base without brown sugar or any sugar at all and I would add coriander, paprika.

  39. HunsValley

    In Dundee this past weekend and somehow a Carnivore meat grinder came home with me…I will try the recipes this weekend.

  40. Rachelle Savoie

    Ok so finished making and cooking these and they are wonderful. Thanks again. Now we know what’s in them.

  41. Rachelle Savoie

    Thank you so much. Will definitely make them.

  42. Elaine Life


  43. Jim's In Town Gardening and Bellas Legacy Rabbitry

    Just bought a Boston Butt and plan on making sausage. Thanks for sharing this.
    Many blessings.

  44. Wendell Fogland

    Tried the base recipe, very good. Added fennel and even better. Will try other versions soon.

  45. Paul Shaw

    Add green onions…


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