10 Breakfast Recipes ( for 1 – 2 year baby/toddler ) – Easy, Healthy Breakfast ideas for 1 year baby


10 Breakfast Recipes ( for 1 – 2 year baby/toddler ) – Easy, Healthy Breakfast ideas for 1 year baby

RECIPE #1 – Apple Oatmeal

Ingredients: ( for #1 – Apple walnut Oatmeal)
1/4 cup – oats (quick/instant)
1/2 cup – apple ( peeled, deseeded & finely chopped)
1/4 cup – walnut or almond ( powdered )
1 cup – milk
1 tsp – honey

RECIPE #2 – Baby Cereal Pancake

Ingredients: ( for #2 – Baby cereal pancake )
1/4 cup – baby cereal ( or cerelac )
1/4 cup – mashed banana
1/4 cup – water
1/2 tsp – ghee ( or butter )

RECIPE #3 – Egg Custard

Ingredients: ( for #3 – Egg Custard )
2 – eggs
400ml – milk (thick/full fat milk)
1/3 cup – sugar ( raw sugar or jaggery )
1 tsp – vanilla extract ( or 1/4 tsp vanilla paste )
1 tbsp – all purpose flour (maida) or rice flour

RECIPE #4 – Oat Pancake

Ingredients: ( for #4 – Oat Pancake )
1/2 cup – oats ( to powder )
1 tsp – oats ( to sprinkle – optional )
2 tbsp – mashed banana
1 tbsp – water
1/2 tsp – ghee ( or butter )

RECIPE #5 – Multigrain & nut mix

Ingredients: ( for Multigrain & nut mix )
1/2 cup – whole wheat
1/2 cup – Brown rice
1/2 cup – Barley
1/2 cup – Oats
1/4 cup – Almonds
1/4 cup – Walnuts
1/4 cup – Sunflower Seeds

To make breakfast porridge:
1/4 cup – water
1 cup – Milk ( thick)
2 tbsp – powdered multigrain & nut mix

RECIPE #6 – Egg (boiled & omlet)

Ingredients: ( For omlet )
1 – egg
1/2 tsp – oil
salt – pinch
pepper – pinch

For Boiled egg:
Offer half egg = for 12 – 15 months baby
Offer 1 egg = for 16 – 24 months baby

RECIPE #7 – Bread & Jam

Ingredients: ( for Bread & Jam )
1 Bread slice ( oat or wheat or multigrain or wholemeal bread )
1/2 tsp – jam

RECIPE #8 – Semolina Kheer (porridge)

Ingredients: ( Semolina Kheer )
1 cups – milk
1/4 cup – semolina (rava/sooji)
2 tsp – raw sugar ( or jaggery )
1 cardamom ( or a pinch of cardamom powder )
2 tsp – pistachio powder or almond powder
1 tbsp – ghee

RECIPE #9 – Bread Pancake

Ingredients: ( for Bread Pancake )
1 – bread ( edges trimmed & cut into circles or squares )
1 – egg yolk ( or whole egg )
1/2 tsp – ghee or butter
1/4 tsp – raw sugar or jaggery

RECIPE #10 – Pear Raisin oatmeal

Ingredients: ( for #10 – Pear raisin oatmeal )
1/4 cup – oats
1/2 cup – pear ( peeled, deseeded & finely chopped )
5 pistachios or almonds ( powdered )
1 tbsp – raisin or currants (finely chopped)
1 cup – milk
1/2 tsp – honey

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  1. Duaa abushama

    Is Raw sugar different than regular white sugar? Is it more beneficial? I have a 2 years old toddler

  2. Adiba Farah

    Is this oats is baby oats or we can make it with adult oats?

  3. Namrata Bhosale

    Apple is choking hazards

  4. Vidya Venkat

    My little one doesn't eat cereal /cerelac wn i give it to her she ll do continuous vomit
    wt can i give other than cerelac?

  5. Jerry Hulk

    Too good mam thx 4 sharing this video ?????

  6. kalakla

    my son…allergic to oats…OMG!!!


    I’m literally hitting my head for baby foods n found ur video ?I’m gonna try all these for my 1year but only doubt is that I didn’t introduce any milk to him so if I ade them in recipes is it ok or vl he show any allergic reactions ?I’m a bit confused


    Any alternative for cerlac plz? N also is honey gud for one year babies ?

  9. anonymous soul

    My daughter is 19 months and i made those banana pancakes 6x and they kept falling apart? im a first time mom and im struggling really bad with what to feed her

  10. sakina hajira

    wow loved yr recepies

  11. Pov Lily

    Love your cooking. Thank you for sharing

  12. Shubhra Biswas

    Hi dear all ideas for breakfast was good but my baby don't like sweet .any namkeen breakfast idea do you have?

  13. Monika Mawlankar

    Baby cerelac konsa usr krnaa he means readymade

  14. priya simbu

    Very useful all ur dishes are soo healthy and tasty..

  15. Noor Saba

    Maam meri baby kuch bhi nhi khate plzzz maam suggest 0lz hm ky kry

  16. Shivani Tamrakar

    Which oats you have used??

  17. Selena R

    Thank you so much for sharing ! Quick easy and healthy exactly was I was looking for

  18. R M

    I prepared Oats banana pancake for my 11 months old today. And he loved it. Thank u for the recipe. 🙂


    Mam can I use one year baby for milkmaid

  20. Deborah Christopher

    Thank u for this… Very useful ?

  21. Salima Rozani

    Can I give this to four years old as midmorning or evening snack

  22. shweta kankare

    Your recipes are awesome ☺️

  23. preetu preetu

    Thank u so much for the new recipe my son is just 1 and half year old and I normally break my head to wat shud I give every day and every time thank u so much for sharing this videos will try this one by one

  24. Prithish Raj

    Egg custard ku fridge la vachu tha kutukanuma

  25. Mena Jan

    My baby eat just one thing every morning I have tried everything but she didn't ate ??

  26. Yeo Ki

    I am stirring the custard for 45 minutes already and it's not thickening ? what did I do wrong.

  27. Divya Singh

    Lovely Ideas dear, I have 4 yo n 2 yo.. With the elder one I never struggled with food coz he wanted everything we ate but with the finicky younger one I struggle big time… N sometimes I'm bummed with zero ideas. Thank you so much for this I'm gonna make something out of this list every day… I especially loved the custard recipe as mine refused boiled eggs N omelet it's a great way to givem eggs

  28. Sozyar Jaafer

    Thank you ?

  29. Adaobi Ogunlade

    What I have been looking for!
    I will try them

  30. Tanzum Lamyea

    My daughter loved the custard. Love from Bangladesh ?? ❤️

  31. Miss Van Neg Pactores

    Why on this beautiful earth I jusy find this video now? This is so much helpful… Thank you so so much… Now my son will love me even more…

  32. Reshu Reshma

    Whatever you did everything sweet items only.. but my baby doesn't like at all.. try some hot recipes too,with pepper or chilli powder..

  33. Sumaiya Farwin

    Thank you new desats

  34. sumayya kareem

    Superb recipe…?

  35. Arzitha Kanuru

    Can you please mention the brand of your utensils used. Thanks in advance.

  36. Shweta Yadav

    Dear my baby boy is 14 month old. He takes 7 oz milk in the morning so i dont want to give him breakfast using milk so i give him mixed fruits with organic multigrain cereal with dry fruit powder.. is it ok for breakfast ?

  37. mom and child

    My son is 15 months old… Can i feed to him..

  38. srithi akter

    Ots nam plz

  39. Michelle Lariosa

    What kind of milk did you use?

  40. Lovely Lovely

    Egg custard came very bad taste??milk and egg separated

  41. Suruthi F

    Why more ads?

  42. Rizwana Firdouz

    Barley means?

  43. Where Love's At

    Wish my toddler would eat this stuff…Sigh…but He won't…

  44. brar mandeep

    Ma'am recipe 5 me sugar add nahi krna? And can't we keep it already ground? My son is 20 months old.

  45. Priyanka Prajapati

    Jo bacche mitha bilkul bhi nhi khate unke liye bhi kuch btao

  46. brar mandeep

    Can we cook it on regular tawa

  47. Tanvi Bhargav

    I tried cereal pancakes. But the moment i placed the batter on tawa, it got sticked to the tawa bottom and got burnt.

  48. Kumar v

    Thank you very much…..madam


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