10 American Foods That Should Be Banned


Here’s a list of 10 American Foods That Should Be Banned! Today we take a look at foods we are surprised still exist so join us as we count down 10 foods from America that should be banned!
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There are foods that are healthy and there are foods that are Instagrammable. While most people working in the American food industry are in it for the sole reason of creating the best in the world of gastronomy, there are also those who have an extremely horrible sense of taste toying with some dreadful food experiments. There are also people who may still be stuck in the dark ages of food history. If time travelers ever were to come back, it would probably be to make sure these foods were never created…forget about John Connor. So let’s turn the spotlight on this most amazing top 10 American foods that should be banned.

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0:33 Koolickles – The Red Pickles of Mississippi Delta
1:30 Crispy Snoots of St. Louis
2:52 Burgoo of Kentucky
4:34 Pemmican from Midwest and Mountain West
6:02 Jars of Pickled Pigs’ Feet of The South
7:15 Scrapple – All Pig’s Scraps in Pennsylvania Dutch
8:20 Livermush – North Carolina’s Favorite
9:46 Akutaq – The Eskimo Ice Cream (Alaska)
11:07 Rocky Mountain Oysters
12:35 Wild Rice Burger – Minnesota

– The combination of sweet and sour flavors in a dish is actually mouth-watering, but a kool-aid and pickles combo is another story. This concoction sounds like the creation of a grade school student trying to one-up the neighbor kid’s lemonade stand.
– Crispy might be one of everyone’s favorite food textures, but the snout is definitely one of the grossest parts of a pig. So how did crispy snoots come to be? Did someone grill a whole pig and realize that the snout, of all parts, is the best part? You see, a crispy snoot is exactly what it sounds like.
– Burgoo is a vegetable and meat stew specialty of Kentucky. But it has another atrocious name – roadkill soup. This is because animals that were accidentally hit by vehicles (and found alongside the road).
– While this food may be good for you, it’s the ratio of ingredients, wild game meat and animal fat, as one reason for its appearance on this list. If you ever wanted to know the origin of the high-energy food bar, this might be the answer.
– Pickled Pigs’ Feet is a questionable food item that looks like it came out of a mortician’s laboratory. Looks aside, the delicacy is said to be highly nutritious. It is high in protein and low in fat.
– Scrapple sounds like a nasty insult you would say to somebody you hate but it is actually a traditional dish native to the Pennsylvania Dutch. It’s also known as pork mush. All of the odds and ends – as in literal scraps of pig.
– Livermush is North Carolina’s very own version of scrapple. The difference is while scrapple is made out of pig part scraps, it rarely contains any liver and uses less of the cornmeal mixture.
– You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. That is if this all-time favorite dessert is made from cream, sugar, milk, and maybe a mix of fruits and other sweet flavors. And that’s where the list of ingredients should probably end.
– First, oysters don’t exist in the Rocky Mountains, and second, the name sounds like a bad band name from a Sponge Bob episode. Well the name may be deceiving because Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually a dish made of…wait for it… bull testicles.
– Just from the name, the Wild Rice Burger sounds like some sort of exotic food. Something that not only piques your interest but also fills your stomach. But wait, rice and burger? That doesn’t sound right. That’s double the carbs isn’t it?

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  1. Hawaiian Bear

    Banning anything is just silly -especially if it is because somebody else doesn't like it. Monkey brain dipping sauce isn't for everyone but I appreciate the freedom to have it if anybody wants it. It doesn't harm anybody if you put cinnamon on your broccoli. Bon Appetit!

  2. DamonNomad82

    My girlfriend encountered "Rocky Mountain Oysters" under a different name: "Fried Nuts". While a more accurate name for them, it is also confusing. My girlfriend, who was a kid at the time, ordered them, expecting an assortment of deep-fried walnuts, pecans, and almonds, was very unhappy with what they actually turned out to be…

  3. DamonNomad82

    My late grandfather, who was Midwestern, not Southern, was fond of pickled pigs' feet. I declined to ever try them, for good reason. I'm what's known as a "super taster", which means I taste foods a lot more strongly than most people do. That makes strong-tasting foods absolutely vile to me. The moment anything pickled touches my tongue, I immediately start throwing up…

  4. just observing

    Scrapple is terrible. I got ambushed by a waitress one time that told me it was like sausage. I didn't think I would survive.

  5. icedogfan1

    Burgoo is also made with oats and molasses, and used on navy ships as well, not just as you described

  6. Jude Irwin

    Stupid vid. Eat roadkill? Sure. If you know it’s fresh, haven’t got meat contaminated by burst intestines and don’t mind the preparation. I saw a car in the UK hit a pheasant while I was out jogging. I picked up the still warm bird, took it home. One wing and the breastbone were broken. Otherwise, it was fine. I hung it for 3 days in the cellar. Game should be hung up to 7 days in a cool place free of flies. Then I plucked it, drew it, and cut up the meat. Braised it in white wine, broth, veg. When tender, I served it to the family, who asked if there was more. Sadly not. Stop being prejudiced. Good roadkill is just free food.

  7. Rebecca Roxx

    Wild rice is delicious! And it does have a meaty texture! I bet they are delicious!!! Also, wild rice is a very important deep rooted historical food here. I don’t think the Native American people would be very happy, or any of the indigenous people/traditions you are literally bashing in this video would appreciate your comments or that you are trying to “rid” the planet of their traditions or history. C’mon do better people!!!!

  8. Bonnie

    Actually, that scrapple sounds pretty healthy. Its basically a bone broth, which is extremely good for leaky gut syndrome, add some highly nutritious cornmeal and you've got a healthy dish. All the bits that you'd not normally eat are taken out any
    way. The rest of the dishes mentioned look like they evolved when food was scarce. They are creative ways of making the most of what was available. They might not be to everyone's taste there is no basis for saying they should be banned. Greetings from Australia.

  9. Barb Thompson

    At the Minnesota State Fair a cheese stuffed wild rice burger is served. It is fabulous. Not vegan, but fabulous anyway.

  10. N3ERO

    lol i have 3 pounds of scrapple in my freezer lol that stuff is good

  11. Sheila Holmes

    I love pickled pigs feet.

  12. Catterrpillar

    Rocky oyesters sounded good for a second, BUT EW! I tought it was delicious boiled oyesters with spices, I was wrong, it was bull meat. No

  13. alfred Gunter

    babble I bought you and me a couple of jars pickle pig feet ?????

  14. alfred Gunter

    Lucky animal that end up on your bumper ?? you funny babble????

  15. alfred Gunter

    Pig snout??????

  16. alfred Gunter

    1 ups a kid Kool-Aid stand????

  17. Brian Gode

    What should be 100x out of society in our world permantly off the planet is alcohol all forms of smoking cigars pipes cigarettes even chewing I have known some others heard of all cancer mouths tongues dead from chewing it tabbocco using it disgusting awful costly habit does no good or anyone only ruins health stains teeth skin hurts your voice I have no use what so ever for sugars phony sweeteners artificial in foods overpowered autos more I already said thank you tho no matter how much things are banned always someone who will do it anyway

  18. Colleen Kelleher

    Love scrapple!

  19. shady slim

    Judging sth by how it looks without thinking about it’s meaning of existence. Nobody gives a shit about what u think of their favorite food, and no one is forcing you to eat them. Might as well shut the fuck up

  20. EricJohn

    I clicked this video because I thought it would be about modern processed foods and fast food that we know aren't healthy for regular consumption. This video bashes people's traditional foods. I can understand eating road kill as sketchy as it may not be known how long it was rotting in the sun, but bashing those who still carry on food traditions is in my opinion bad taste.

  21. KingiginRosie

    Agutuaq will never be banned ?

  22. Shawn Ramsey

    Kool aid pickles are good

  23. Ginger Snape

    Well, you did it, BabbleTop. I'm not easily offended, but this entire video offended me. I'm going to see part 2 of this, and see if you offend me again.

  24. Genaro Labastida

    I think it is delicious

  25. Heathen Wolf

    Pemmican is the best survival food. And pickeld eggs are awesome..

  26. Motley Byron

    Ahhh…"scrapple" yup…the whole pig is used…from the ROOTER to the TOOTER is used… no waste… actually scrapple sounds good to me right about now…since I love pork…

  27. Motley Byron

    HEY!!!! Crispy snoots are delicious… done right…think of a combo of crispy bacon and a pork chop… they're really tasty…I'm from St Louis…and I've eaten plenty of crispy snoots!

  28. Motley Byron

    "Koolade and pickles?" Whoever created that…I bet they created that after smoking a lot of weed… if ever anything sounded like a "stoner food item" it would be "Koolickles!"

  29. Kevin DelGrippo

    If your city is known for using the "most sauce" you probably suck at cooking it.

  30. Dove leboeuf

    I'm from Kentucky and I never saw burgoo before, yuck!!!! I know ppl hunt and eat squirrel or rabbit or deer but never road kill!!!! They eat pickle pig feet and pickled bologna. Pickled bologna is very good with saltines. Try eat something called spouse which is pig brains, I think. We do have a delicious meal though its, chocolate gravy. Not made like white gravy!!! You eat it with biscuits and a dollop of butter or alil cream. It was a Saturday morning treat. They eat mountain oysters also but, they're Turkey testicles, looking at them is disgusting enough let alone frying them and eating them… Oooh!!! There are alot of Scots and Irish and Indian alil German and some English down there. Especially in the Eastern Appalachian Mrs. So I guess that's why there's such a mix of foods. We love sauerkraut with hotdogs cut up in it or smoked sausage even pork ribs which is divine. Fed that to Canadian in laws and they never had pork ribs and sauerkraut with corn bread and they loved it!!! No sugar in the cornbread either. No jiffy mix just straight up homemade, yummy!!!! With pinto beans which we call soup beans and fried potatoes, fried crisp not mushy. Corn relish with that meal, none for me though. We eat alot of salmon patties with soup beans and fried potatoes, now that's a meal fit for a king, delicious!!!

  31. Susan D'Ambrosio

    How dare you attack scrapple and think that it should be banned really. I grew up eating scrapple and still eat it to this day. And also attacking people's different and unusual food choices from different states is just plain disrespectful this video should be banned

  32. Solomon berkeley


  33. Jacob Baldwin

    This stupid ass video should be banned.

  34. Diamond Humphrey


  35. Susan Southard

    Scrapple is wonderful!!!

  36. Anton Bruce

    Author of video, tell me please…how would you react if what YOU liked to eat were legally banned?

  37. Doug Williams

    pemmican came from native Americans who used it to make their food last longer

  38. Black Ice

    and they say Asian cuisine is gross…

  39. Merrick Mixson

    Some people actually try to say that Scrapple is just like SPAM, and that is such a lie. Spam is made from prime parts while Scrapple is a mix of everything first and last over the fence as well as a lot of nasties in between.

  40. Nathan Kirk

    Why is this racist culture bashing video still uP? take it down for gods sake

  41. Linda Easley

    I don't care what your cultural history is Some of this is just plain nasty. Fried pig nose ( why not fry ass , too)
    And road kill stew . Only uncivilized beings eat this shit

  42. matthew spalding

    Burgoo is not made from roadkill. It's very delicious and very safe to eat. Usually made from mutton, pork or beef. Not skunks and rats. This is idiotic

  43. Makaveli Mars

    Koolaid pickles is a delicacy in the south, every kid on the street would eat one… well at least us African Americans in the poverty areas

  44. Brenda Randolph

    scrapple is delicious.

  45. Jackson Crosby

    Most if not all southern food is survivel food

  46. MR

    Picked pigs feet, scrapple, & Rocky Mountain oysters are the only ones I’ve ever heard of…I’m over 50 yrs old….

  47. Jimmy Strudel

    This is basically some annoying picky eater who's overly dramatic. Whoever you are you disgust me.

  48. stearlers069

    if you don't like that type of food don't eat the food.


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