In this video I explain to you why I made this video:

This video is so funny hahaha This is what happens when you serve this type of Italian food to an Italian. Watch the video to see the Italian reaction to some of the most popular Italian dishes served in Italian-American Restaurants. Italians are very proud of their food and food is one of the most important things in Italian culture. Italian cuisine is well respected all over the globe and it’s been ranked in the top 3 cuisines in the world for many many years. Italian cuisine vary from city to city and from region to region and every dish has a story and tradition. Eating Italian food should be a memorable experience. There are so many different recipes in Italy and Italians who live in Italy haven’t tried all of them yet. Next time you order a chicken pasta or alfredo pasta think twice. Don’t waste your money for popular food but instead learn more about Italian culture and it’s food. For Italians Food is more important then the bible.



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  1. Sycamore 27

    I have a feeling they are too biased to like anything but their own food. So whatever.

  2. Ludovica

    This video is funny and i get it but as an Italian I don’t think Italian American food is bad and neither would most of Italians. It is definitely DEFINITELY not Italian food and tasted nothing like the original recipe but it’s good and it’s the expression of a subculture that does exist and can be appreciated.

  3. Venkat Kannan Iyengar

    Is that Tony Salerno's son?

  4. D

    I wondered whats up with all the downvotes, and then i saw… dont edit in your dumbass laughing every fucking 20 seconds. The fuck is wrong with you

  5. Hannes G

    I‘d like to see a video Italians try real german food for the first time. ??

  6. Brett Uhl

    Why did you give them shitty Mac and cheese

  7. Bernie Browntoes

    Serve shitty frozen pizzas to americans and they say the same thing…

  8. Jim Cameron

    So I guess it is a no to the chicken wieners in a bagel bun?

  9. Günther Dippe

    Haha! I sent the link to my Italian girlfriend. I can already hear a loud "schifo" in the apartment!

  10. わるいJayBee

    all of these look like the worst representations of the foods tho….

  11. Brian Laffey

    well where is this food from that your giving them???….all looks like shit…..I ho to Italy and find shit food there also …

  12. JL The Magnificent

    All of the food served looked like something outta the frozen food section.

  13. DJ Sahabat Indonesia

    Very interesting about your channel

  14. Jake

    lnfao so ignorant. All crybabys overreacting

  15. Shorties

    Meanwhile in Africa…

  16. Patricia Martin

    In Americawe don't like Italian food.thr way it is made in Italy. It had?to be improved. You guys your food SUCKS. You are obsessed with food. In America we have better things to do. Italy needs to move into the modern world fee ran the Nazi's out of Italy in WW2. Next time you need help don't ask America to help you

  17. Gentleman with a hat

    This channel is so fucking elitist i love it

  18. Sez

    You take food that no one else would eat ??? fcking fke sht

  19. celebrity stories

    I am Italian and I will never eat your food Americans

  20. N

    Forget the food… that girl with the hair pulled back is super, SUPER gorgeous!

  21. Bruno Piras

    This is ridiculous. All this is staged. You are making Italians look bad and I don’t appreciate that. All that for clicks. Fai schifo Vincenzo.

  22. Nemanja Milojevic

    This is exactly my reaction on every Italian dish. I simply cannot believe those ppl make every food taste like armpit sweat.

  23. Chuck Speer

    L O L

  24. Alloment Proof

    wow what a bunch of food snobs. Ironic as when I went to Rome for a week all of the food I ate was effing horrible.

  25. michallo

    as a european i wouldn't eat it too. especially the mac and cheese looks disgusting.


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